Happy New Year!!!!

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2013 was a pivotal year for me. I left the Florida Counterdrug Program after 14 years of Active Service… I started up the Ranger Proof Instagram Feed, and it has become a HUGE success. I have so many people following me now, that my interaction with them grows exponentially with each passing week. Another change for me, is turning in my 1SG status for Warrant Officer Candidate in the Florida Guard. This is a great opportunity for me, because it allows me to get back into my chosen profession. Being a First Sergeant was very rewarding for me, and I am so glad that I had the chance to lead from the front. Now, it’s time to get back to work in my technical profession. I look forward to my transition as a Senior NCO, to a Technical Officer in the US Army. I have walked in the company of heroes, and have had the honor of serving with some of the finest Men and Women in uniform. I am committed to serving until I can not serve any longer.

I have also launched Ranger Proof Arms, LLC in Florida. I have filed for my Type 07 FFL to become a Licensed Manufacturer of very high quality AR Rifles. My two Ranger Proof Rifles, in conjunction with GPI Manufacturing in Jacksonville, were both HUGE successes, as was my Ranger Proof Signature Rifle with Primary Weapons Systems out of Boise, Idaho. Now, it’s time to turn my creative side over, and start making rifles under my own brand, to order, with my own personal touch.

One of my undertakings for this new year, is to grow my YouTube Channel to match my Instagram following. I am honored to be on board with several major manufacturers in the industry, to help bring the best products possible to your hands. I have been, and will continue to be of the highest integrity when it comes to marketing and product endorsements. Ranger Proof will never “Tab” gear that is substandard.

I will be at SHOT Show 2014 in Vegas from 12-17 January, and I look forward to meeting as many of my followers as possible. This is going to be a pivotal step for Ranger Proof, because it will put a “face to the name” and allow me to forge alliances with like minded, ethical, integrity driven companies to carry into the new year. If you are attending SHOT, make sure to let me know. I will be posting on Instagram daily from SHOT.

Stay tuned, for more tests, more reviews, more videos, and more outstanding rifles coming from Team Ranger Proof!

May 2014 be prosperous to you all!




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