Complete Upper


Here you start with a $275.00 build/shop cost and add up the components to build your complete forged upper from a selection of options that we support.  Please note that the options marked by an * are required to have a selection made.

Use the selection boxes to add the parts required to make a Complete Upper to your liking.  You can select from different caliber, barrel lengths, charging handle, muzzle device, and BCG.  The forend rail shown will be approximately an inch or two shorter than the barrel length (except 18″ barrels), all will be the new RPA, high strength, keymod style that are shown on rifles on the site.  The costs are shown in the selection box.  Lastly, choose your optional color from our Cerakote list.

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Caliber/Barrel/Forend *

Select your barrel by caliber, coating and length, the forend is specified with the barrel length you choose. 14.5″ barrels can be pinned and welded and you’ll select that below if you want it done. Please note that Isonite/QPQ is “black nitride” they are black in color.

Pin/Weld Muzzle Device for 14.5″ Barrels

This option legalizes a 14.5″ barrel by permanently attaching an appropriate muzzle device to make the overall length of 16.” Note that if you select a 14.5″ barrel and do not pin and weld it, all NFA rules apply. Do not select this option for a 16″ barrel, it is legally unnecessary, unless you absolutely want it that way!

Bolt Carrier Group *

Choose between the Ranger Proof Enhanced BCG, a black nitride, balanced BCG and the Ranger Proof Mil-Spec BCG, a standard black nitride BCG.

Charging Handle *

Select from the RPA Charging handle or no charging handle at all.

Muzzle Device *

Choose from a selection of muzzle devices. If you live in CA, MA, NJ (maybe other states, too) you cannot order a Triad or a M4SD as they are flash hiders, please check your local laws. If your barrel is 300AAC Blackout you can only order a Triad30 or FSC30. The site does not enforce this rule, so pay attention please.

Gas Block *

Choose whether you would like the standard low profile gas block. We are in the process of sourcing an adjustable gas block to go with our new rails.

Cerakote Color *

The standard color is Black Anodized for the upper receiver and the forend. Choose an optional Cerakote color from the list.

Cerakote Barrel Black

Only if you chose a 416R stainless steel barrel (other barrels are already black) and a non-gray based Cerakote color, we feel that a black barrel looks better than a stainless steel one. This option gets you a masked and black Cerakoted barrel.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 5 x 5 in