DLOC Mount Special


This is the Bushnell recommended mount for the TRS 25 and works as well with other similar red dot sights (RDS), actually any RDS that works on a M1913 rail.  Note, these mounts will not work with an Aimpoint T1 series RDS, the mounts for this RDS are available at Alamo Four Star.  The mounts are labeled Millet Tactical but are the same DLOC mounts you can buy from Alamo Four Star.  These are overruns from a deal in 2014 and have been offered to Ranger Proof Arms to sell at a discount for our loyal customers.  There are three different sizes, Standard, Low and Long to support your particular RDS.  These are the mounts we use on our personal rifles.

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Check out the video below to show the Return to Zero capability of these great optics mounts.  We filmed a sequence at Ancient City Shooting Range in St Augustine (thanks, Chuck!!) showing a single rifle alternating a TRS25 red dot and an ACOG (4X) and ringing steel.

Here are some of the specifications for these mounts:

  • -Demonstrated return to zero (RTZ) capability
  • -DLOC technology with three recoil lugs to prevent recoil shift
  • -CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft type aluminum
  • -Hard anodized Type III black
  • -Simple one-handed operation with or without gloves
  • -Patent Pending locking system will not wear out, damage or warp your Picatinny rail
  • -Co-Witness with iron sights*
    •    -Standard and Long versions in lower 1/3
    •    -Low version is absolute co-witness
  • -Converts for left handed operation


*Absolute co-witness is when your iron sights and the red dot are in the exact same spot.  When both systems are properly zeroed at the same distance, you look through the sights, and the red dot is right on top of the iron sight plane.  Lower 1/3 co-witness is when the iron sights are aligned with an imaginary line separating the lower 1/3 of the optic with the middle 1/3, allowing the red dot to be seen above the iron sight plane (in the center of the middle third of the optic).  Click on the image (from calguns.net) comparison below, note that 100% and absolute co-witness mean the same thing.