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My sincere apologies for not updating this website more frequently than I have been. We have been busy growing the business, taking on new dealers, sourcing new parts, etc…

I have several articles in the making, and will be dedicating some time to them in the very near future. It’s very hard to juggle time management, when I have multiple venues to operate in. Instagram is the easiest for me to keep updated on, and I push everything to Facebook and Twitter… but, this blog is my safe haven, my muse for creation.

Some topics to watch out for… my RPC #00001 and it’s history.

My take on the Two Stage Trigger from CMC…

My take on the “ultimate” fighting carbine…

Instagram… why I love it and hate it so much…

Many more topics to follow.

Also, we are updating the “Shop” tab, to include the new price list, options, uppers, etc…


Stay tuned!!!

Thank you so much for your support.





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  1. I just got my RPC and I love it!!! They is not a AR out there that will touch it!!! My buddy has a Daniel Defense and it don’t even hold a light to my RPC. He is trying to sell it now so he can go get him a RPC . Thank you for making such a great product. If you are look for a AR going to T3 outdoor in Valdosta GA and see Jud or Travis and they will hook you up with the best AR made with is the Ranger Proof Carbine.

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  2. I’m looking for a hair trigger to recommend for my boss. Also I was curious how much it would cost to buy the parts for an ad build if I did it part by part? I love your builds. They look spectacular. I would love an upper and lower from you. I could manage the barrel and other parts. I’m a young retiree and I work in retail so I couldn’t in my wildest dreams afford a full rifle from you. Thank you for your service. I have never met you but I have the utmost respect for you and consider you a true American hero. Thank you for your time.

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