Ranger Proof / PWS MK116 Limited Edition

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Ranger Proof PWS MK116

We are VERY proud to announce the partnership with Primary Weapons Systems out of Boise, Idaho. We have teamed up with PWS to produce what I would say, is the ultimate hard use carbine. It is no secret that I am a long time fan of PWS’ Long Stroke Piston system. I have a first generation MK114 that I have written extensively about, and documented all of the hard use that I have put into this rifle. I am happy to say, that it is still running strong.

A little history, the MK1 series rifle, was born out of the desire to bring “AK reliability” into the M4 style platform. PWS took the operating rod and fused it with their bolt carrier group, reducing the need for a floating operating rod, like most short stroke systems use. There are no return springs to fail, and the operating rod helps distribute the weight among the rifle in a more center weighted feel. PWS MK1 rifles are not “nose heavy” and point very naturally.

New to the “Mod 1” is a very well designed Key Mod tube, and an adjustable gas block. This allows the end user to tune the rifle to the ammo being used. This also facilitates suppressor use, allowing the user to turn the gas down for reduced carrier speed, functionality, etc. The barrels on the PWS MK1 series rifles use the  .223 Wylde chamber, 1:8 twist rate, and are Isonite QPQ coated. The operating rod is now keyed, and allows the user to take the floating piston off, to remove the charging handle.

I have been using PWS rifles now since 2010 and can say, they really are tough as anvils, and reliable as a Swiss watch. I chose the MK116 rifle to do a limited edition, due to the fact that the muzzle device on rifles are a key note of contention among users. People are loyal, and most know what they like. I opted to use the most excellent PWS FSC556 simply, because it just flat works. It’s a hybrid device, which acts as a brake, and flash suppressor all in one. The linked video is Todd from PWS showing the recoil reduction of the FSC556 on an M249 Squad Automatic Rifle (SAW). The end user can replace this for their muzzle device of choice, or add a suppressor. This way, the rifle is NFA compliant.


Another note, is the longer Key Mod tube. We opted to use a “one off” design, of the 15″ tube, on the 16″ barrel. This brings the tube right to the bottom of the FSC 556, and allows for plenty of tube to “stretch out” with. You can also run bipods out at the muzzle if needed. The Ranger Proof MK116 also gets the most excellent 3.5 pound flat CMC trigger. Along with the CMC trigger, we are also using the Battle Arms Development BAD-ASS ambi safety selector, which I definitely recommend. To top off the build, we are using the MAGPUL STR rifle stock. This is a step up from the MOE that comes on the standard MK116 and gives a very nice cheek to stock weld.

As you can see, you get the awesome reliability of the PWS Long Stroke Piston System, in a very versatile, adaptable carbine, that can perform close in work, or serve as a special purpose rifle. There are really no “upgrades” left to do to this carbine… you just need to add optic of your choice, and put it to work.

Photos of the Limited Edition Ranger Proof / PWS MK116

Photos of the Limited Edition Ranger Proof / PWS MK116

Contact PWS today, and get yours built and shipped. There are only fifty of them in this run, so hurry. They won’t last long!







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